Android Weekly - Issue #60

Android Weekly is a free newsletter that helps you stay up to date with your Android Development. The newsletter comes out once a week and covers a broad range of topics like tutorials, screencasts, news etc.

In the latest issue, Issue #60, you'll find a great article on parcelable vs serializable by Philippe Breault. It's a very well written guide and I would recommend everybody takes a look at it. Performance and mitigating expensive operations should always be in your mind as a mobile developer.

My own article edit mode and why using contextual actionbar is a bad idea was featured as well, Something that I'm very happy about. I didn't think my first post would get so much attention.

The best resource in this weeks issue has got to be the awesome Android Cheatsheet For Graphic Designers by Petr Nohejl. Having all of this information in one place makes it much easier to explain things to designers that have not worked with Android before. I've found it very difficult to help designers I've worked with to make good designs that are easily translated into actual layouts. Hopefully passing this on to them will help!

The newsletter also has Jobs and Libraries  sections which are filled with interesting things.

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