Upcoming movies sample app

Upcoming is an application i've put together as a sort of sample app. Both a sample of my work and to try out new ideas. It's not ready for the Market Place but when i feel it is i'll upload it.

It uses the Rotten Tomatoes APIs to display a list of Upcoming Movie Releases or Upcoming DVD Releases.

You can get the code for the project here;


Parsing JSON

The application uses a simple JSONArrayAdapter to populate the initial list of results, this was primarily done as an experiment but i think it works rather well. The details screen is passed a POJO made by parsing a JSONObject from the Adapter.


I've used the ImageLoader library from Novoda for fetching/displaying the Movie posters in the application. It's a very easy to use library and i'd highly recommend it, the project also uses the RefreshActionItem library.


The details screen shows how you should layout your content to match the screen. In landscape mode it displays the picture side by side with the information, making the most of the limited vertical space.


I wanted to take advantage of Androids great sharing functionality so i implemented the new ShareActionProvider it gives a really simple and user-friendly way of sharing content from your application.


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